Dubai's marine life is abundant with exotic catches like Barracuda, Kingfish, Red Snappers, Yellow-fin Tuna, Sailfish and many more! Aquamarine takes you far away from the shores to explore the serenity of fishing in the deep sea.

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capacity 41 ft., 10 pax

price 1600 – 2000 AED/hr

2 cabins, central SC chiller system, additional generator, 220V microwave, LCD TV + DVD, open deck, swim ladder

capacity 42 ft., 15 pax

price 2400 – 3000 AED/hr

1 master & 2 other bedrooms, lounge facilities, open sun deck, on-board home-theatre system, kitchen, toilet & fly bridge

capacity 55 ft., 20 pax

price 2800 – 3500 AED/hr

2 levels, 1 master, 1 double & 1 twin bedroom, saloon, kitchen, toilet & fly bridge, open deck, 5-star catering service

capacity 65 ft., 28 pax

price 2800 – 4000 AED/hr

3 cabins, 2 bathrooms, living room, dryer, TV, 5-star catering service




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The Perfect Location to Fish

Some essential insights on our fishing tours, locations and regulations in Dubai

Deep sea fishing is one of the most potent choices to enjoy the marine magic of Dubai. Clear sunny weather and abundance of a rare variety of baits, Dubai attracts many renowned sea fishing events from around the world. The barracuda is known to be one of the favorite catches for first-timers as well as professional anglers in the Persian Gulf. Other exotic varieties include: fluke, bluefish, flounder, striped bass, blackfish, porgy, sherry, Sultan Ibrahim, hammour, small shark, king fish, cobia etc.

For the big baits one must travel into deep sea. But there are some quiet spots along Dubai's shorelines as well. There is Dubai Creek, beyond the Jebel Ali Free Zone, which is known for its humungous Kingfish and Hammour. Another nice spot is Dibba, near the Makhtoum Bridge. Go along the East Coast to get your hands on the land’s best Dorado and Queen Mackerels.

While diving into deep sea, make sure to alert the Coast Guards. And also keep a fair watch on the weather if you are going on your own. Fishes retreat from the hot beaches during the summers. So the ideal time for fishing in deep sea then is around sunrise or sunset. If you're looking for a more romantic and majestic sea-view, try the moonlight experience, you won't regret it!

Apart from a clear sky, the scorching sunny weather is a downer for fishing in Dubai. Sun-tans can easily become sun-burns if you sun bathe too long. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Keep your head covered and get a sunscreen with SPF. Light summer clothing is advisable for almost the whole year. Winter is not long in Dubai, but this is also the time when fishes are plentiful and found very near to the coastline. Wear light winter clothing during the trip and you will be fine.

A fair warning! Hook-line fishing for recreational purposes in UAE requires you to obtain a license, or go with someone who has one. Available on a weekly or an annual basis, recreational fishing licenses come free of cost for only UAE residents from their local municipality offices. Short-term licenses are issued for foreigners too. Please contact our travel experts for assistance regarding this.

This is important!

  • Fishing without license is a punishable offence in UAE and perpetrators are fined exorbitantly
  • Dubai Coast Guards dictate foreigners to carry their original passports with them along with the license
  • Crabs, squids, cattle fishes, mussels and juvenile fishes are considered endangered, and off the fishing list – even with a license!
  • Avoid fishing in swimming beaches, sanctuaries, shipping yards and private areas
  • Check for fishing seasons while you are planning your trips
  • Trawling is banned in some parts of UAE

Like all countries, UAE also maintains certain codes of ethics. Keep these in mind and enjoy your fishing extravaganza amongst thousands of enthusiastic travelers who come to Dubai only to participate in the fun exercise of fishing.


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