Standard Yachts

Capacity: up to 25 guests

Cost-effective yachts for both personal and corporate events
Enjoy Dubai's Exotic Marina
Custom add-on services available
Private yachts for custom-planned occasions
Ideal for fishing & other family events

capacity 65 ft.; 28 pax.

price 600-1100 AED/hr

capacity 55ft.; 20 pax.

price 600-900 AED/hr

capacity 50 ft.; 18 pax.

price 500-800 AED/hr

capacity 42 ft.; 14 pax.

price 400-700 AED/hr

Premium Yachts

Desert Rose

capacity 50 ft.; 18 pax.

price 500-800 AED/hr

Capacity: 200 guests
Multiple routes in the Dubai Marina channel
Custom add-on services


capacity 101 ft.; 50 pax.

price 3600-6000 AED/hr

Custom add-on services

Majesty 88

capacity 88 ft; 45 pax.

price 1200-2000AED/hr

Capacity: 65 guests
Custom add-on services

GuGu Boat

capacity 78ft.

price 4000-5000 AED/hr

Capacity: 90 guests
All days available
Route: Dubai Marina Channel – Lagoon
Extra space for special dining & party privileges
Custom add-on services

Majesty 77

capacity 77 ft.; 44 pax.

price 1600-4500 AED/hr

Capacity: 45 guests
Custom add-on services

Our fleet comprises of world-class yachts to provide you the best cruising experience in Dubai.


Our high-end charters include*


Private Jacuzzis, swimming pools, spas, saunas and steam rooms

Fine dining

Luxury dining quarters, air-conditioned spaces attuned for the Mid-Eastern climate, scrumptious local & intercontinental delicacies, custom cakes, decorations & more


Dance floors, on-board night clubs with hydraulic canopies and automated yacht management systems, toy garage


Ton Davit, 18 ft. High-speed Seadoo Jet boat, Yamaha Wave Runner jet-skis and lots of other marine sports accessories


Life boats, rafts, and 1200 life jackets, trained professional crew onboard 24/7, direct uplink to Dubai Maritime City Authority & Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring Program

*This is a conjoined facility chart for our whole fleet.For availability of any particular facility on your charter, please feel free to connect with our travel experts on +971 585835296 and


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